Play PS4 games on your PC, Mac or Android device!

Welcome to the official website of first working PS4 emulator!
"PS4 Emus" is made for Windows, Mac and Android operating systems. Developed by team of enthusiast programmers and gamers who devoted their skills and knowledge to create the ultimate software which is able to emulate all SONY PlayStation 4 games and smoothly run it on other devices.

Beside PS4 games, this app is able to run all PS3, PS2 and PS One games as well! So you have the ultimate gaming machine in just one program!

PS4 emulator




PS4Emus project was started in November 2013. In the beginning the emulator was pretty unstable and caused crashing rapidly, because of PS4 games which seek for more system requirements and memory. So we had to coordinate PS4's requirements with a pc ones and optimize them to work smooth and stable. After hard work we successfully succeed it and today we can proudly say our emulator is stable, working and ready for you to play with it!

We did some updates in the new version to improve it more for you:

  • Added Game Cheats option which refreshes automatically
  • Added option to export music mp3's soundtracks from a game
  • Browsing online PS Network is now faster
  • Bug fixes and other magical performance improvements to keep you happy


Where to get PS4 games to play?
We have all of top most popular PlayStation 4 games of all time uploaded to our server which is connected with online mode to our emulator. So whenever you decide to play certain game, just select it from our online database trough emulator built in system and play it! There is no separately download required for any game file from the internet. We made sure to include every good PS4 game to our collection. But if for some reason you want to run game downloaded from web which is already located on your device hard disk, you can do it as well! All options are possible.

Do I need to download BIOS to use this emulator?
No! BIOS file is already included inside this emulator application. We made sure players don't have to waste their time and bother about searching for right working BIOS around the internet, so that's why we decided to merge everything into one setup software.

When iOS version for iPhone and iPad will get done?
As soon as we finish it. We apologize for delay, but iOS operating system is much harder to manipulate and tweak then Android is. Hope you understand!

If you have more questions feel free to message us at any time using our contact email.


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